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Uncommon Core 2.0 is a crypto research podcast

This show goes beyond speculation and investing, looking deeper. We explore the fundamental technology and incentives that make public blockchains work under the hood. 

This show is co-hosted by Hasu and Jon Charbonneau. They’ll be joined by occasional guests, speaking with some of the incredible builders and researchers who are looking to evolve this infrastructure stack to make the mass adoption of crypto possible.


The Hosts



Hasu is the strategy lead at Flashbots, a research and development organization formed to mitigate the negative externalities posed by miner-extractable value on public blockchains. Hasu is also strategic advisor at Lido, a staking protocol with the mission to make staking simple, secure, and decentralized.


Jon Charbonneau

Jon Charbonneau is the Co-founder and Managing Partner at DBA, a research-driven crypto investment firm based in New York. Jon frequently writes research posts on crypto infrastructure.


Podcast episodes

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